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  • Nothing To Hide

    A global grassroots campaign striving to bring transparent pricing to international payments to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of reducing remittance prices below 3% b...

  • Pride at Wise: An open letter

    During this year’s Pride, we’ll be celebrating all the people that have gone before us, because long before it was a party Pride was a very real protest at the discrimination that LGBTQ+ community ...

  • Transparency & PSD2 - here we go again!

    Financial providers hide fees whenever people send money abroad. They can continue to rip people off because the rules are too vague. You now have the chance to tell the European Commission that th...

  • IBAN not accepted? Report it here 👉 Accept My IBAN

    IBAN discrimination has been against the law for 7 (seven!) years and it’s still something lots of people - and especially those living international lives - face way too often.

  • MEPs vote for fairer finance in Europe

    Last week, Wise took the Know What You Pay campaign to the streets outside Parliament. We were there to ask them to vote to support a regulation that would dramatically reduce costs for every Europ...

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