The best destinations for a babymoon based on stages of pregnancy

Babymoons are becoming increasingly popular as an opportunity for expecting parents to take one last trip as a couple and relax before the arrival of their baby. Inspired by pregnancy tracking apps, Wise, the technology company specializing in international payments, is offering inspo for where you should head on your prenatal getaway  tailored to each stage of pregnancy. Parenthood is full of surprises – but your babymoon shouldn’t be, which is why Wise is also offering a number of tips on how to avoid unexpected money issues while traveling abroad. 

Mexico - Avocado

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At 16 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is the size of an avocado. Head for Mexico, the birthplace of this creamy, delicious fruit. Whether you want to relax on heavenly white-sand beaches, discover Mayan and Aztec history or simply enjoy the scenery this beautiful country has to offer, Mexico is the ideal place to create romantic and precious memories before your baby arrives.

Wise’s tip:

Mexicans still prefer cash, especially for everyday expenses such as buying a bus ticket. So it's best to carry a small amount of cash with you, in addition to your bank card. 

To obtain Mexican pesos, compare exchange rates and decide in advance when and where you are going to change your dollars. Because there is little competition, airports and hotels offer higher charges and lower exchange rates. If you desperately need money at the airport or hotel, change the minimum amount you need until you find a more central exchange office. Check with different providers, compare their rates with the average market rate on Google or Reuters, then choose the best deal. For an easier and generally cheaper option, withdraw money directly from an ATM. 

Brazil - Papaya

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At 22 weeks of pregnancy, the baby-to-be has grown to the size of a papaya, a fruit native to the beautiful country of Brazil. With its diverse landscapes, pleasant climate, rich cultural diversity and many heavenly beaches, Brazil is an idyllic destination for a baby moon. What's more, the high-quality tourist infrastructure and warm Brazilian hospitality guarantee a comfortable and memorable stay for parents-to-be.

Wise’s tip:

Brazilians use cards as well as cash, but it is generally advisable not to carry large amounts of cash. Before leaving on a trip outside the US, ask your bank about the charges for paying with your bank card or withdrawing money to avoid unpleasant surprises. Some banks, for example, offer free withdrawals at partner banks. And if the terms and conditions offered by your bank are not advantageous, why not consider a multi-currency bank card, which allows you to hold several currencies at the same time, according to your needs. 

Sweden - Rutabaga

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At 25 weeks, the baby has grown to the size of a rutabaga, a vegetable that has its roots in Sweden going back to ancient times. Going to Sweden is a good idea because of its magnificent landscapes and unspoiled nature, offering the ideal setting for relaxation. The country's tranquility and safety ensure a stress-free stay, which is essential for parents-to-be. Sweden also offers a rich cultural experience with its museums, castles and healthy cuisine. 

Wise’s tip:

In Sweden, it is customary to pay even small amounts with a bank card. Always choose to pay in the local currency. If a shopkeeper or cash machine asks you what currency you want to be charged in, there's only one correct answer: the local currency of the country you're in. In Sweden, that would be the Swedish krona. 

Imagine you're in a café and a message appears on the card reader asking you if you want to be charged in dollars. Say no. If you choose to be debited in dollars, you will generally end up paying more because the bank or merchant will apply its own conversion rate to the transaction. This rate is generally lower than the rate your card would charge you itself. 

Bali - Coconut

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After 31 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is now as big as a coconut, the exotic fruit that symbolizes holidays in the sun. In most cases, up to 36 weeks of pregnancy, it is still possible to travel by plane in complete safety. So why not go to Bali? This island is renowned for its magnificent scenery, relaxing spas, delicious cuisine and Zen atmosphere. It's an ideal destination for relaxing and connecting with nature. Parents-to-be can opt for Balinese massages, beauty treatments and yoga sessions in peaceful, revitalizing surroundings.

Wise’s tip:

In Bali, cash is king. Even if you plan your budget in advance, you may find yourself with cash at the end of your stay. Is it better to change the money left over into dollars or to spend it? Wise's advice is to spend your money before you leave. If you change your remaining Indonesian rupiahs into dollars at the end of your trip, you'll pay conversion fees twice for the same amount. Instead, spend the money on yourself, or put it aside if you plan to return to the country one day.

Enjoy your babymoon stress-free with Wise

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When babymooning abroad, the last thing you want to think about is money. If you don't want to be ripped off and want the peace of mind of knowing you won't be overcharged on your trip, consider Wise. 

By simply opening a Wise account, you can convert your dollars at the average market exchange rate for a small commission and hold money in over 40 currencies. And with the Wise debit card as part of your financial toolkit, you can do everything from take out cash at ATMs to pay like a local at a retailer that doesn’t accept credit cards. The Wise card allows you to make two free cash withdrawals* of up to $100 a month abroad. After that, Wise charges $1.50 per withdrawal and 2% for any amount over $100. 

*Wise will not charge you for these withdrawals, but some additional charges may occur from independent ATM networks.

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