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Wise Platform and Allica Bank Announce Partnership to Boost Cross-Border Payments for UK Businesses

Allica customers can now make international payments quickly and conveniently within their own banking app

Payhawk releases International Payments in fifty currencies in partnership with Wise Platform

Payhawk has partnered with Wise Platform to integrate fast, low-cost international payment services directly into the Payhawk platform

Saudi Awwalal Bank Signs Partnership Agreement with Wise

Saudi Awwalal Bank has entered into an agreement with Wise to provide Alawwal customers with fast, secure and cost-effective solutions for sending and receiving money internationally.

Barely half of banks’ own employees would recommend their international payment services to customers

A recent survey has revealed that only 51% of employees at the UK's top banks would recommend their respective institutions' international payments services.

As 63% of Brits say sightseeing is one of the best things about holiday, Wise partners with The Rest is History to he...

With the summer travel season in full swing, Brits are filling cafés, sunburning on beaches, and queueing for museums around the world. Holidaying, and sightseeing in particular, is something the U...

New Data From Wise Shows Irish People Plan To Retire Abroad and Reveals Top Destinations Are Portugal, The UK and Spain

New research by Wise, the global technology company building the best way to move and manage money, has found that 27% of Irish people are ‘very likely’ to retire abroad.

Nothing To Hide

A global grassroots campaign striving to bring transparent pricing to international payments to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of reducing remittance prices below 3% b...

Pride at Wise: An open letter

During this year’s Pride, we’ll be celebrating all the people that have gone before us, because long before it was a party Pride was a very real protest at the discrimination that LGBTQ+ community ...

Remittances: why they matter to me and millions more around the world

Today, we celebrate the International Day of Family Remittances. Wise was founded by immigrants, built by immigrants, and is used by immigrants.

Digital trade isn’t the future, it’s here: governments need to embrace it

Digital trade has skyrocketed in the last two decades. From e-commerce and international professional services to cloud computing and digitisation of finance, it has become a fundamental part of th...

Payment services regulations: How consumers and businesses could benefit

It's a matter of weeks until the Payment Services Regulations could finally end the currency exchange rip off for the 21 million adults who exchanged money in the last year, as well as the 3 millio...

UK residents to pay £238 million in remittance fees needlessly in 2021

New estimates show the UK is set to miss the UN Sustainable Development Goal to halve remittance prices to 3% by 2030. Those sending money say sending badly needed remittances has become more finan...


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