Tips on How to Enjoy Concerts Abroad on a Budget

Jakarta, March 25, 2024 – With Taylor Swift's recent performance captivating audiences in Singapore and Bruno Mars hitting the stage in April, Indonesian concert-goers are jet-setting more than ever to catch their favorite stars  live.

However, the excitement of attending an international concert often comes with cost considerations. Recently, an Indonesian concert goer's story has gone viral on social media because he spent more than Rp30 million so he and his wife could have the unforgettable experience of watching a Taylor Swift concert. While the story has captured the hearts of many, it has also sparked public discussion: Do we need to spend this much to watch concerts abroad?

Budgeting and planning as early as possible is the key to cost savings

Flight tickets and hotel accommodation usually take up the most out of your budget. This is not surprising, as prices tend to spike significantly around major concert events. 

To avoid this, it's important for concert goers to start their concert budgeting early, even before ticket sales open, so they can make timely bookings at optimal prices. Using tools like Skyscanner can also help in comparing the flight options available.

However, for those that have already arranged their flights and hotels, but are still looking for ways to save while abroad, Elian Ciptono, Country Manager Wise Indonesia, shares the following tips to make sure you can make the most of their international concert experience without overspending:

1. Explore Affordable Dining: Spend some time to research affordable food options. In Singapore, you can check out hawker centers like Old Airport Road Food Centre, Chinatown Complex Food Centre and Golden Mile Food Centre where there’s a wide range of food options, including Halal stalls,  starting from S$5 or Rp58,000 per meal. This way, you can save for what truly matters—the concert experience.

2. Use Local Public Transport: Instead of dealing with taxis, opt for public transportation when abroad. In Singapore, the public transport system is easy to navigate, especially with help from Google Maps or local apps like MyTransport.SG.You can save on transport costs by using buses and MRT, with fares starting from S$1.50. 

3. Tap into Local Connections: If you have friends or families living in the country where the concert is being held, consider using an app like Wise to send money directly to their local bank account. They can then help you withdraw cash from a local ATM, avoiding expensive ATM fees, foreign transaction fees and poor exchange rates all at once as Wise uses the same exchange rate you see on Google and charges 0.65% on average for transactions. Plus, it’s super quick.

4. Seek Out Free Events: Keep an eye out for free events and activities taking place near the concert venue. There are social media accounts dedicated to promoting local events that won’t cost you a dime, like @DistrictSixtyfive in Singapore. You can enhance your concert experience without incurring additional expenses, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the destination's culture and entertainment scene.

5. Set an Emergency Budget: It's essential to prepare for unexpected expenses that may arise during your trip. Establishing an emergency budget allows you to address any unexpected costs, such as medical emergencies or last-minute transportation changes. By setting aside a portion of your funds for emergencies, you can travel with peace of mind and focus on enjoying the concert experience to the fullest.

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